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Orange Clouds

Powerful Changes 

Stephen and Cindy are both powerful, and so committed to helping.  They showed such devotion and commitment to facilitating change.  I am so thankful for my time with them, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.  

Sierra A. 

White Sand and Stone


My Reiki and Intuitive healing session with Cindy was amazing! She skillfully cleared energetic blocks that were causing me physical and emotional pain, and the relief/release I experienced during and following our session has helped me so much. I can’t wait for my next session with her!

Gradient Ocean

Truly Gifted 

I have had several Reiki sessions with Steve and Cindy. They are truly gifted, compassionate, and wonderful people. I feel a lot of energy during the Reiki sessions and feel amazing after. They explain what’s going on or what they are sensing during a session. I highly recommend both of them! 

Amanda A. 


Magic Effect

My name is Balvir an I want to tell everybody that I was in depression for 20 plus years off n on and I have tried lots of medicines and all the treatments u can imagine. Nothing was helping me. Finally and luckily I found Translated soul hypnosis in Fresno, CA. Therapist name is Cindy Fedele. I went to her office crying and She did hypnotherapy on me. After the first hypnotherapy I felt very light. It gave me new life. Very very friendly an calm. It's like magic effect. I m very happy and finally I feel like I can enjoy my life. She saved my life.

Pampas Grass

Magic Hands

Stephen & Cindy have hands of magic & working with them has been a very fulfilling experience. I have received Reiki from each of them on multiple occasions & will be looking forward to receiving more of that life force energy in the future. I've also had a great experience with them doing hypnotherapy & intuitive healing work with me. If you give Stephen & Cindy a chance they will not disappoint.

Autumn Road

I'm hooked!

I am hooked! Their Reiki healing sessions are so soothing. The hypnosis has helped me take control of me, everyone deserves to smile. My favorite is the intuitive work. Cindy and Stephen are so comforting, flexible, knowledgeable, and caring. I will forever be thankful to them for help guiding me on my path. I'm am no longer lost.

You can book an appointment for a free Consultation for Reiki Healing, Intuitive Healing and Hypnotherapy.

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