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Be That Person

Be that person you would be proud to tell your younger self about. What would you say to that younger version of yourself?

I would tell my younger self to never stop learning, to reach for the stars, and to pursue your dreams. Don't let life's craziness get you down. To always know that you are worthy no matter what anyone says. That life will always have ups and downs but it's the never giving up that matters. I am proud of you for always staying true to yourself.

I know if my younger self me now they would be proud of who I have become. That I never stopped learning. That I always kept going even in the midst of life's chaos. That I stayed true to myself even if others didn't understand. That I always came at the world with love and understanding instead of hate and anger. That I have everything I wanted in my life. That I am living that dream to help others heal to make life a better place. That my worth was never judged by what others thought of myself My younger self would be proud of where I came from to where I am now.

What would you say to that younger version of yourself? Would you be proud ?


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