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Invisible Illness - What you see vs What I feel

Invisible Illness
What you see verses What I feel

Invisible Illness - What you see vs What I feel. There are so many people that carry the burden of an invisible illness. In general, invisible illnesses are ones that have symptoms others can't point out just by looking at someone. "There's no strict medical definition, but invisible illnesses are diseases that affect a person's ability to conduct their lives as they'd like to but that you can't 'see,

People with these invisible diseases stay quiet because it cant been seen. And fear that family, friends and loved ones do not understand what they are going through. It gets hard to always put on a smile and carry on. People tend to withdraw because the lack of understanding of their invisible disease by others. Each invisible disease has there own signs and symptoms and can be over whelming and scary. Constantly in a battle of trying to get over the symptoms to live a somewhat normal life.

We have treated clients with these invisible diseases and it has helped them to ease there symptoms and some no longer take medications (under their doctors advisement not ours) because it has helped that well. Living a life tied to a diagnosis and medications can be over whelming. Especially if you are a person that their body cant handle taking medications without a ton of adverse effects. So seeking treatments that are holistic are sometimes the best answer.

There are many holistic things you can do from mediations, yoga, hypnotherapy, reiki, breathing techniques and so many more that can help in getting your life back. We have worked with clients with invisible illness and they have gotten their life back and are doing better. Clients have told us that the pain the felt from their invisible disease is no longer there and the anxiety and depression that tend to go hand in hand has dissolved as well. Allowing them to get back into their life they way they want to. They learn that self care is a priority and to take that time they need.

Invisible Disease
Always be kind

What can you do to help a person diagnosed with a invisible disease?

Understand they might not look ill to you or to anyone around them. So don't think they are faking it or trying to get attention. Understand that they are feelings, emotions and pain that come along with the illness that you may not quite understand. Its important to educate yourself so you can understand what they are going through. Listen to what they have to say. They may be confusion, anger, frustration, depression, sadness just to name a few. In many instances you may not be able to help them but listening and allowing for them to share their emotion does. Allowing them to be able to be themselves and not have to fake their ok. Understanding that they may have to cancel when you plan something and to not take it personal.

Remember they are not their disease they are still the same person they are just bobbing and weaving to find there way around the diagnosis. Always be kind that kindness can be that one thing that keep someone hanging on


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