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The Past Doesn't Represent Your Future

I know for some people they think if they came from a trauma filled life that it's in their future. Which is not true, we can change what we are wanting in the future. It just takes work and dedication to let go of the past so we don't take it into the future. Remember that the past mistakes are history not the future. No matter how many times you blame yourself for the mistakes you have made, you can't change it. A few things that can help:

  • Talking positive to yourself rather than putting yourself down.

  • Forgive yourself.

  • Exercise: Walk or workout can get out your frustration

  • Meditation: To quiet the mind

  • Boundaries: Setting boundaries with people you know are not healthy for you.

  • Journal your thoughts.

  • Talking to someone.

  • Hypnotherapy

Lastly what make a significant change is hypnotherapy which can assist you in releasing blocks and obstacle of trapped emotions that you hold in body not allowing you to move on. It allows your brain to release the emotional response to past situations so your able to release it and make room for more positive situation's.

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