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Self Care Practice of Gratitude

Daily gratitude is taking time once a day to focus on the experience of gratitude. You can start by writing it in a journal, during mediation, or before you eat. Self Care Practice of Gratitude is to start practicing gratitude once a day and see how it feels.

Practice Daily Gratitude
Best Self Care Practice of Gratitude

With life and its hectic schedule sometimes we get stuck into what we have to do. We don't look at the things like practice gratitude. Being thankful for each and every breath that we take. A roof over our head, food in our fridge and family.

There is many ways to practice gratitude. The best way I have found is to take a moment to pause. Don't worry about what is going on in life. But look at what is going good in your life. I am grateful I am healthy and I have a good life. Start small if your having trouble coming up with something positive. Start each day doing the daily gratitude and slowly start changing your mindset and starting your day on a positive outlook.

Evaluate if it changes your attitude at begin of they day and practice gratitude more if you notice it makes a difference. Small changes always makes great impacts. What can it hurt changing something small. I know it may feel at times that life is falling apart. What can you learn from it? Taking that time to pause or to practice gratitude interrupts that signal of life really stinks and doesn't get better. Life is hard if we can make it a bit easier on ourselves why not?

This is what has worked for me:

  1. Stop take a deep breath in.

  2. Then hold it for 5 seconds

  3. Release the breath

  4. Take a moment or to be thankful (ex I am grateful I got to sleep in a bed, that I am able to breathe, that I am able to walk, that I have place to call home, that I woke up today. I am so grateful for my life.)

  5. Take another deep breath in

  6. Hold for 5 seconds

  7. Release

In life there are so many people who cant say any the basic necessities. They don't have food to eat, nor a bed to lie down on. The don't have a lot but they get up everyday and move on. With modern convivences we tend to think less of the smaller things that help us out so much. We tend to get irritated and frustrated when the modern convivences aren't working properly. I can remember as a child not having the basic necessities and life was hard. I knew how rich we were just to have shelter and a bed. As I grew up and got out on my own I was grateful for every little bit I had. Because it was better than I had before.

Are you willing to try self gratitude? What self gratitude helped change your thought to a more positive one? What practicing self gratitude put a pep in your step and it helped you get through the day? Anything is possible so give it a try. Let me know how it goes.


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