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Best things to heal the inner child

The best things to heal the inner child I found. Inner child work helps to heal that inner child from painful childhood experiences. It helps teach you to heal that inner child that was wounded. Experiences that we have had from adolescence into adulthood and unless we do things to heal that inner child we end up carrying it all of our lives.

There are so many exercises that can be done like giving ourselves hugs, writing a letter to the inner child, mirror work, practicing self compassion, identify your emotional triggers, make time to play and have fun and continue to educate yourself on healing the inner child by reading books going to therapy or doing hypnotherapy.

I know what you're thinking. What if I had a horrible childhood? Well I was one of those children and any good memory was tied to a bad memory as well. Which made some of these exercises hard. I wrote the letters to my inner child and learned to play and have fun. The biggest thing I did that did the most healing was hypnotherapy.

I was able to address all the negative trauma that was filled with so much emotion and never allowing that inner child to heal. I was able to see the beauty in myself. How proud of myself I was. How strong even as a child I was. Tied to every emotion was a negative and I was unable to see the positive. I can say there were positives and good memories that I had but before I did the work I was unable to see. So take it from someone who has been there. It is possible to heal that inner child and for that inner child to be validated, heard, seen and loved.

I know the inner child work we have done with our clients and ourselves being able to finally let go of the negative emotion that has been weighing them down and allow them to heal that inner child and make room for more happiness in their life. Where they can play, have fun, laugh and start living the life they were always meant to live. Its time to heal and to heal that inner child and see your worth, be at peace and able to enjoy your life and set yourself free.

Have you healed your inner child? What did you do? Know that we are always here to assist in your healing experience.


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