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Take a Mindful Pause

Be still
Daily Mindful Pause

Practicing mindful pause is pretty easy all you have to follow is below-mentioned steps: First of all it only needs to be 10 to 20 seconds long.

1. Begin the process by placing your feet on the floor. Now, place your hand on your thighs. Now, slightly close your eyes.

2. After that, try bringing your attention to your feet. Notice how feet are grounded, notice how you are sitting on the chair, and notice how you have placed your hands on your thighs.

3. Slightly move your focus to the heart beating sound, try to feel your pulse in the body. After that, try bringing your mind and attention into your body quickly.

4. Now try to focus on your natural breathing rhythm. Try to rest your mind while focusing on the breath. Now, try to notice your sense of ease. Now, slightly start focusing on the exhalation process, notice if your body shows a little bit of tension or noise while doing so.

5 If you will notice, there is not much to do in this technique; all you have to do is to focus on your body’s movements. Further, try to focus on any movement by your feet, notice your heartbeat, notice your hands; notice how you are landing your body parts on each other, notice your breath. Isn’t it the perfect way to relive moments and take a pause?

6. Once you’ve noticed every slight movement of your body, now it’s time to open up your eyes slowly. If you’re not ready to open your eyes then take a few moments and enjoy the pause.

Remember, our body is brilliant, magnificent, and stabilizing wherein with the help of the mindful pause we provide our body the ability to align and balance. So take time today and try the mindful pause. Let me know how it goes.

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